"I was always searching for The Next Thing that was going to make me happy..."

If you would asked me 10 years ago what I would be doing with my life, never in a millions years would I have said...I’m going to be a yoga teacher and a massage therapist.  Sometimes life has a funny way of leading you in a direction that you never originally intended or even dreamed of.  

After moving to Chicago 2006 I began to find myself overworked, constantly on the go enjoying my new home...as a result I began to feel very ungrounded and stressed out and not feeling like myself anymore.  A year and a half after I moved to Chicago, a co-worker of mine took me to a yoga class.  While this was not my first yoga class, something this time clicked.  I fell in love immediately and I found myself going back day after day.  During this time I began to see how it was helping me manage my stress level with my job and how it was helping me to manage my life.  Each class I would learn something new about myself.  Fast forward 2 years, I came to realization I had to learn more.  Then the same friend who took me to yoga suggested I check out massage therapy school and so I did...and the rest is history.  

2009 the economy crashed, people were getting laid off and I found myself being one of those people.  A blessing in disguise so the saying is.  I believe it was that push I needed to move in this direction, as I was halfway through my massage therapy program at the Soma Institute.  Soon after I completed my massage program ended I got an opportunity to be manager of Nature Yoga and at the same time enrolled in their Teacher Training under the direction of Mark Lerro and Erica Rumpel.  I completed my 200hr training with them in 2011.  Most recently in 2014 I have completed 100 hours of training with Maty Ezraty, original founder of YogaWorks.  

Yoga helped me through a challenging transition in my life.  I was always searching for the next thing that was going to make me happy - a new job, a new city, new clothes, etc.  Yoga uncovered that everything I needed was already deep within me.  For me, yoga has helped me uncover my true self.